Need an animated explainer video in Somerset or the South West (Somerset, Bristol, Exeter, Wales, Dorset, Devon or Cornwall)?

I want to recommend trying out a new firm we have used to successfully created some amazing explainer videos in somerset: Bandini Videos.

Bandini Videos has recently been relocated to the wonderful West Country and is now based firmly in the county of Somerset in the UK.

They have plans to produce many more excellent animated explainer videos for companies across the globe as well as the Somerset Levels.

This means great opportunities for local Somerset businesses and brands to benefit from their expert skills as storytellers and brand builders through the medium of video, which is perfect for entertaining and engaging customers and prospects.

In fact they are so pleased to be in the South West of England that they are offering all businesses who are also based here in the West Country 10% off.

That means that if you are looking for an Explainer Video in Somerset, Dorset, Devon or Cornwall (even Wales) they can help — and give you a neighbourly rate as well!

It seems fitting for them to be here, because the South West is well known for its creative industries and creative people working hard to make great businesses and a bustling local economy.

Aardman Productions in Bristol, for example, is one of the biggest animation companies in the world, having produced stop motion animation for box office hits such as Chicken Run and Wallace & Gromit.

So whether you are a Cornwall firm making surfboards in Falmouth, a Dorset accountant in Poole, a Devon web developer or a Somerset cider farmer after an animation about the quality of your orchard’s apples, they can help.

And there are a three things they can guarantee:

1) Their videos convert better than plain text. Yes, animations will bring in more sales than your best website copy, because people love to watch video content online and be entertained as well as educated.

2) Explainer videos are best for presenting complex information in a simple engaging format. That’s right, explainer videos function like moving diagrams or graphics that present difficult to understand ideas clearly.

3) SEO on your website will be improved thanks to an animated video. With video you can boost the average visit time to your site and drive organic traffic to your site with ‘Video SEO’, which will make your videos rank in Google searches all by themselves.

To find out more about how Explainer Videos can help your business or to discuss their ‘South West Discount’, just get in touch: